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Please be advised that all regular meetings of the Rockaway Township Council are currently being held remotely/electronically on Webex and all meetings are recorded. All meetings are also live-streamed on YouTube. Members of the public may attend each meeting by logging into Webex as an attendee, or by telephone (1-408-418-9388 *event number/access code changes with each meeting). All members of the public will be provided the opportunity to speak. Please be further advised that during any “public hearing” or “open to the public” sections of the meeting, the Township Clerk will send an “unmute request” to each member of the public and ask if they wish to speak. Once the Township Clerk has sent the unmute request: If you are attending the meeting by telephone, you will be prompted to press *6 to unmute yourself and if you are attending the meeting using your computer, you will receive a pop-up requesting that you unmute yourself. As per Rockaway Township Code 2-5.14, any person desiring to address the Council shall first seek recognition by the presiding officer; and upon recognition by the chair, the person shall give their name and address for the record. Unless further time is granted by the Council, they shall limit their statement to five minutes. Statements shall be addressed to the Council as a body and not to any member thereof. A Councilman shall not direct any question to a speaker addressing the Council, except through the presiding officer. In addition to speaking on the record during Council Meetings, members of the public may submit questions and comments to the Council by emailing by the end of the “Open to the Public” session.

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