Community Services


The Rockaway Township Department of Community Services was formed in 2011 to bring together the wide variety of community-oriented programs under one roof. The Department administers the following services:

  • Division of Health, which oversees a broad scope of clinical, environmental, administrative, educational and welfare services, as well as animal control services and information.
  • Recreation, which supports many athletic and recreational programs for the Township's youths and adults.
  • Open Space and Historic Preservation, which procures and sustains thousands of acres of open public space and parkland, and preserves historic treasures within the Township.
  • Senior Services, which provides programs for the Township's elderly residents, as well as assistance to Rockaway's three senior citizen clubs. A Dial-a-Ride transportation service is also available to senior and disabled residents.


The Department of Community Services is steward to many programs that Rockaway Township residents have come to depend on over the years, including:

  • Child health services
  • Dancing and exercise opportunities
  • Environmental protection
  • Immunizations
  • Maintenance of park facilities and amenities
  • Youth sports programs
  • Much more
For any additional information please call the Division of Recreation at 973-983-2841 or the Division of Health at 973-983-2848.