Bingo / Raffle

What do you need if your organization wants to have a Bingo or Raffle?
Every organization interested in conducting bingo or raffles must first apply to the Legalized Games of Chance Control Commission for eligibility.

  1. The applicant must qualify as a bona fide charitable, educational, religious, patriotic, or senior citizen association or club.
  2. Once registered with the Legalized Games of Chance Control Commission, the organization must file a license application for each separate type of game of chance it intends to conduct.
  3. The proper application, either Bingo or Raffle, must be filed in quadruplicate with the Township Clerk in the municipality where the games are to be held.
  4. There is a fee to the State of New Jersey, Legalized Games of Chance that must accompany the application. This fee varies on the type of game you wish to conduct.

The application(s) are found here: 

  1. Application for a Bingo-License
  2. Application for a Raffle-License