Pet License

Note: All Dog and Cats must be licensed every Year.


Township Ordinance requires that all dogs/cats must be licensed within 10 days acquiring the animal, if your dog/cat is 7 months of age or possesses a set of permanent teeth.

  • Licensing tags must be affixed to collar or harness.
  • Newly acquired dogs/cats must be licensed within 10 days of acquisition.
  • New residents must register their dog/cat within 10 days of moving into the Township, or transfer license from another New Jersey Municipality.
  • All dog/cat licenses expire on December 31st of the year issued, regardless of when the license was obtained.
  • A current rabies vaccination certificate from a licensed veterinarian must be provided in order to obtain a license.
  • In order to be "current" the vaccination cannot expire before November 1st of the licensing year.
  • If your pet's rabies shot expires mid-year, you may re-vaccinate prior to the expiration date.  Consult your veterinarian with any questions.
  • All dog/cat licenses must be renewed by January 31st of the licensing year. After January 31st late fees will be assessed at $5/month for each animal beginning on February 1st. (ie. February $5, March $10, April $15, etc.)
  • Licenses are not transferable between animals.
  • If your dog/cat passed away, is no longer owned, or has been moved out of Rockaway Township, you must contact the Division of Health. Failure to do so may result in fines. 

Renewal License

The Township mails renewal applications to owners of licensed dogs/cats at the end of December.  All completed applications and required documentation must be returned to the Health Department by January 31st. If you do not receive a renewal application in the mail, it is your responsibility to contact us prior to January 31st in order to obtain a new license.

License Applications

First Time License

For those residents who are applying for a first-time license, proof of rabies immunization from a veterinarian is required showing the date the vaccine was given and the date it expires. The shot must be valid until (at least) November 1st of the licensing year. To receive the reduced fee, proof that your pet has been spayed or neutered, must accompany the application. There is no late fee when applying for a new license.

License Fees Are as Follows

1 Year Spayed/Neutered (proof of alteration required for initial license)$10
1 Year Non-Spayed/Non-Neutered$13
3 Year Spayed/Neutered (proof of alteration required for initial license)$25
3 Year Non-spayed/Non-Neutered$35
Late Fee after January 31st (For Renewals Only)$5/Month