Donation Requests
In order to continue offering essential community programs, we rely on support from organizations and individuals like you. Donations to the Rockaway Township Municipal Alliance Committee (RTMAC) enable us to equip residents of all ages with valuable, positive resources. RTMAC receives funding from Morris County to run its programs but these monies are offered as matching grants, this means we must secure contributions from other sources. Historically, Morris County provides $4 for every dollar we receive in donations, which means your help results in considerably more support and enables us to serve the entire community.

Make a Donation
Helping our residents to live healthy, substance free lives is critical in keeping Rockaway Township a safe community. Rockaway Township Municipal Alliance Committee would appreciate any donation you can make at this time. Please send your donation* to:
Rockaway Township Municipal Alliance Committee (RTMAC)
c/o Rockaway Township Finance Department
65 Mount Hope Road
Rockaway, NJ 07866