Deck Permit

Deck Building Permit Procedure
Procedures of obtaining a building permit for a deck.
  1. Submit 2 copies of a survey showing deck location in relation to house and property lines.
  2. Submit 2 sets of scaled drawings showing a top view and side view. All drawings should indicate owner's name, address of job site, block and lot number. To draw your own plans you must be the owner and occupant of said property. If not, you need drawings by a New Jersey registered architect or professional engineer.
  3. The drawings submitted shall include the following information:
    • a. Show deck in relation to house and property lines.
    • b. Show door from house to deck.
    • c. Specify type of wood. All lumber must be naturally durable or treated with a preservative.
    • d. Show footings, columns, girders, joists, ledger, flashing, decking, guardrails (for decks 30 inches above floor or grade), handrails, stairways, lateral bracing and connectors.
  4. Fill out building subcode form, certificate of occupancy form, construction jacket.
  5. If a general contractor is used, a copy of his/her home improvement contractor license must be included.
  6. Submit all the above paperwork to the Construction Department. Please be sure that your application is complete before submitting it. If all paperwork is in order, then the department has 20 working days to review and issue your permit.