Pool Permits

Documents to Include
You will need to provide the following:
  1. A survey of your property showing location of pool. You must indicate the location of the septic and/or well if applicable.
  2. Filter and pump specifications showing the size of the filter and amount of water it will process per hour.
  3. Drawings and specification of pool
  4. Specifications of a heater if installing one.
Forms to Include
You will need to fill out the following forms:
  1. Building subcode
  2. Electric subcode
  3. Plumbing subcode (if installing a heater)
  4. Fire subcode (if installing a heater)
After Application is Submitted
  • Once the Building Department has received a complete application, it has 20 working days to review it.
  • Do not fill your pool with water until it is properly protected by an approved enclosure or barrier.
  • All pools must be at least 10 feet from all property lines and 10 feet from the principal structure.
Note: A corner lot is viewed differently from a typical rectangular lot. A corner lot has 2 front property lines rather than one. The Construction Department should be called for clarification of location.