Police Department

The Rockaway Township Police Department will be utilizing Body Worn video/audio recorders    

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Message from Mayor Puzio

As Mayor, and on behalf of the Rockaway Township Council and Police Department, I want all to know that the Rockaway Township family is outraged at the inappropriate police conduct that resulted in the death of George Floyd. There is no place in a civilized and democratic society for such conduct that , without reason or just cause, threatens life or serious harm. We are fortunate that Rockaway Township government and our Police Department have established a good relationship with our citizens. We will continue to strive to maintain that open and trusting relationship

For many years our Police Department has maintained an excellent record of responsible law enforcement and adherence to appropriate guidelines concerning the use of force. We also respond immediately to any citizen concerns about the actions or conduct of any Police Department member.

We also join together to condemn the senseless violence that has followed in the wake of Mr. Floyd’s death. While respecting the right of peaceful public assembly, it is impossible to condone or justify the lawless behavior that has followed this tragedy.

It is even more unfortunate that all of this occurs in the midst of the COVID 19 pandemic which has placed great stress on all elements of American Society.

I urge all of our citizens to join together in this difficult time and ask that all pray for the recovery of our country from all that it is facing.

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For the latest Coronavirus information, please following the link below:

COVID-19 Information Hub- Rockaway Township

New Jersey Launch new website for Covid-19 information.

COVID-19 Information Hub- New Jersey

Governor Executive Order- 107

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Rockaway Township

Police Department
                 Protecting the Residents of Rockaway Township Since 1946
Rockaway Township is located in North Western Morris County and is approximately 47 square miles and home to over 22,000 residents.
The Township can be accessed by Routes 80, 46, 15 and 23. 
The Police Department consists of 53 sworn and 12 civilian men and women.  The Department is run by Chief Martin McParland Jr .

Police Lobby - 24 x 7
Records Division -
Monday - Friday
8:30 am - 4:30 pm

Reports can be picked up between these times.  It is recommended you call first to verify if report is available for release.


Crisis Response Team Volunteers

Rockaway Township Police Department seeks Volunteers for Domestic Violence Response Team:  Applications available now.  You can help make a difference for others in crisis.  See the information sheet below

DVLO Volunteer CRT

Med Return
Drug Collection Bin

Help put a stop to the abuse of household prescription drugs.  If you have old prescription drugs lying around your household we have a safe place for you to discard them.  Located in the Police Department Lobby is a MED Return box that you can safely deposit these unwanted prescriptions.  Prescriptions can be dropped off 7 days a week and 24 hours a day.