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2020 Multi-Jurisdictional Multi-Hazard Mitigation Plan Update

Morris County has begun the process of updating the 2020 Multi-Jurisdictional Multi-Hazard Mitigation Plan so all our municipalities in Morris County remain eligible to receive certain types of federal mitigation funding to reduce hazard risk. The Mitigation Plan focuses on understanding the natural risks and hazards that threaten the county, identifying community capabilities that can be used to mitigate risks, and laying out a comprehensive hazard mitigation strategy to buy down risks from those hazards. 


Public participation and feedback is an important part of the hazard mitigation planning process. Morris County Office of Emergency Management has developed a brief survey to assist in providing the public with an opportunity to contribute to the plan update. The survey focuses on the public’s experiences with hazards, including recommendations for hazard reduction. The input provided is vital to completing the plan update.


All information collected from this survey will be anonymous. Please complete the survey by Friday, October 13 at:

***Temporary Warming Centers***

During extreme winter temperatures!!

The Rockaway Township Police Department is open 24/7 and is set up as a temporary warming area. Please feel welcome to visit anytime. During regular business hours, the Municipal Building also provides temporary warming in the lobby area. As a reminder, in case of an emergency DIAL 911. Thank you.

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For the latest Coronavirus information, please following the link below:

COVID-19 Information Hub-Rockaway Township

New Jersey Launch new website for Covid-19 information.

COVID-19 Information Hub-New Jersey

Governor Executive Order- 107

Morris County COVID-19 Patient Testing

Morris County COVID-19 Patient Testing-Website


New Jersey DR-4488-NJ – OEM
Dear State, County, City, Township, or local government official,
In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) is
providing financial assistance, in the form of Public Assistance (PA) Grants, to the State of New Jersey for
DR-4488-NJ. To satisfy its compliance responsibilities, FEMA’s Region II Environmental & Historic
Preservation Branch (EHP) has created the attached public notice for Executive Order (EO) 11988
(Floodplains), EO 11990 (Wetlands) and Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act (Section
106). The public notice is for FEMA funded actions that are located in a floodplain or wetland or may
affect listed or eligible historic properties related to the COVID-19 Response (DR-4488-NJ). Funded
actions include but are not limited to: temporary testing sites, temporary Alternate Care Facilities (ACF),
temporary storage sites and temporary mortuary sites.
Due to the circumstances of the current emergency, FEMA is deviating from its standard practice of
posting the public notice in newspapers across the state and is instead posting and distributing the
public notice only electronically in accordance with the flexibility granted to FEMA in the implementing
regulations for Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act (36 CFR §§ 800.2, 3) and Executive
Orders 11988 & 11990 (44 CFR § 9.8).
To provide the public an opportunity to comment on the actions described above, FEMA is posting the
public notice on the FEMA DR-4488-NJ website ( for a minimum
of 15 days. In addition, FEMA is requesting your assistance by posting this public notice on your State (NJ
OEM) and County or Municipal websites, where public notices are normally viewed. If possible, we
recommend that you also post hard copies in open public facilities or offices (post offices, county or
municipal offices or other locations) that have posting boards for community members that may not
have internet service. An address and email address are provided in the public notice for any comments
that the public wishes to submit to FEMA EHP.
We thank you for assisting FEMA EHP in meeting our compliance responsibilities during this difficult

                                                   Thunderstorm Preparation Tips

· Check local weather forecasts.
· Watch for warning signs of an approaching storm.
· Plan ahead - know where you will take shelter in case of a storm.
· Stay indoors. If a suitable building is not available, get inside a vehicle with a steel roof. Do not take shelter in small sheds, under isolated trees, or in convertible automobiles.
· Stay away from tall structures such as towers, fences, telephone poles, or power lines and avoid contact with water, appliances, metal objects, or other conductors of electricity.
· Boaters and swimmers should immediately go ashore and take shelter, well away from the water.
· In the woods, take shelter under shorter trees. Make yourself the smallest target possible. Squat low to the ground on the balls of your feet with your head between your knees. Do not lie flat.
· At home, do not take a shower or bath. Current from a lightning strike can travel through water pipes.
· Do not talk on a hard-wired telephone during the storm. Telephone lines can conduct electricity, too.
· Unplug air conditioners and other major appliances to protect them from lightning strikes.
· Tune to a local radio or TV station for storm information.
· Be aware of severe thunderstorm, tornado, or flash flood watches/warnings that may be issued. Watches tell you when and where severe weather is likely to occur; warnings are issued when severe weather has been reported by spotters or indicated by radar.

The Rockaway Township Office of Emergency Management maintains an Emergency Operating Plan for our Township that provides vital information on the response and handling of disasters, natural and man made, within our Township. This plan is constantly re-evaluated and submitted for approval every three years to the State of New Jersey Office of Emergency Management. 

In the event of an Emergency, we will attempt to keep the public informed to the best of our ability by utilizing several communications means. The most frequently used will be NIXLE, Reverse 9-1-1, Township Web Page, OEM Hotline and message boards. This will all vary on the type of emergency that is occurring. We encourage all residents to register to receive NIXLE alerts, Reverse 9-1-1 notifications, and for residents that are in need of special attention we recommend you utilize Register Ready. This is a service that you can inform us of your special need and in case of an emergency that may effect your well being we will have the necessary information to assist you. You can also fill out the Township Special Needs Notification form as well and this information will be entered into our Dispatch System and will be available to responding emergency service personnel. Thank you.

Coordinator: Captain Robert Scherr
 Deputy Coordinator: Lieutenant Michael Dachisen
 Deputy Coordinator: Bert Parks