Marriage License

How do I apply for a Marriage License?

  • Please call for appointment
  • Apply in the Town where either applicant resides. 
  • Rockaway Township's hours are 8:30 am to 4:00 pm, Monday thru Friday.
  • Apply at the Clerk's Department.
  • The Applicant's and one Witness must appear together when applying for the license. If both Applicant' cannot appear at the same time, each may come separately but with the SAME Witness.
  • You need to know the Date of Marriage and the Officiant's name and address when you first apply.
  • Please bring a Certified copy of your Birth Certificate or Passport.  The Applicant's must have ID with their current legal address (ex. of id are: driver's license, lease agreement or tax return).
  • Please provide a copy of divorce papers or death certificate if this is not a first marriage.
  • Both applicants need to know their parents birthplaces.
  • State Law requires a 72 hour waiting period from the day you apply before you can pick up your license.
  • Marriage License Fee is $28.00 cash or check only.
  • Certified copy of your marriage license can be purchased at the Town where the marriage took place.
  • Rockaway Township certified copy fee is $10.00 per copy.
Effective July 4, 2021 Executive Order 135 issued by Governor Murphy will expire. Executive Order 135 allowed:
  • video marriage ceremonies,
  • virtual marriage applications,
  • deputizing another office to receive marriage applications,
  • an automatic 90 day extension of license validity,
  • waiving of the 72 hour waiting period.
Per the expiration of the Executive Order, these practices must be discontinued after July 3, 2021, and pre-pandemic procedures will be resumed.

Any questions can be directed to the Township Clerk's Office at 973-983-2834 or email