Let's Walk Rockaway: Employee Walking Challenge

Lets Walk Rockaway

We are excited to announce the first annual Let’s Walk Rockaway Employee Walking Challenge! Join the Rockaway Township Division of Health for the Virtual Walking Challenge, as we turn our focus to reconnection. As we move into a life beyond the COVID-19 pandemic, let’s support each other by staying healthy, staying strong, and finding ways to connect with one another.

What is the Virtual Walking Challenge?

The challenge is a fun way to encourage you, your family and your community to be more physically active. Each week of the event, you will receive a newsletter with quick tips and ideas for staying active and connected. Download the Walking Challenge Log. You will keep track of the distance you and your teammates walk each day. For each step of walking, you will receive one point. Each week you will find optional activities outlined in the newsletter that will give you the chance to earn additional Bonus Points, and each of these activities is worth 30 Bonus Points. At the end of each week, you will count the total number of points you have earned and complete the designated weekly log form.

If you completed a Bonus Point Challenge, please check yes on the Weekly Challenge Log Form and submit photos via email of each team member completing the challenge. At the end of the four-week challenge, please send your finalized Walking Logs to bbernstein@rockawaytownship.org.

Who can participate?

Anyone can take part in this challenge, but only Rockaway Township employees are eligible for prizes. While the challenge was created for employees, you are welcome to walk with family members, and we encourage you to reach out and make connections – especially intergenerational ones – as you participate! If our employee challenge is successful, it will serve as a pilot for an upcoming community wide challenge – so your participation is strongly encouraged not only for better personal health and connections, but also to help make our model relatable for community-wide engagement!

How do I sign up?

There are two ways you can choose to participate: Individually, or as part of a team. Every participant must complete the Event Registration form to participate in the Employee Walking Challenge. 
          1) Individuals: register individually and we will add you to a team
          2) Teams: Create a group of three employees, pick a team name and a team captain. 

Materials Needed

           Employee Walking Challenge Flyer              Week One Walking Log Form                     Newsletter Week One
           Program Overview                                        Week Two Walking Log Form                     Newsletter Week Two
           Registration Form                                         Week Three Walking Log Form                   Newsletter Week Three
           Weekly Step Log                                           Week Four Walking Log Form                    Newsletter Week Four
           Evaluation Survey