What requires a construction permit?
Below is a list of the most common construction projects for which a permit is required. There may be other situations not listed which may also need a building permit. It is always best to call the Construction Department to check before you begin work. New House Addition: Roofing, Siding, Kitchen & Bathroom Remodels, Finished Basements, Sheds, Fences, Pools, Furnace / Boiler, Oil Tanks / Removal, LP Tank Gas, Piping, Generators, Demolitions (Both Primary Residence and Accessory Structures), Driveway, Water Heater Replacement, New Service / Subpanels, Sewer / Water, Connections, Wood Stove / Fireplace (Gas), and Deck.

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1. How much will a permit cost?
2. Whose responsibility is it to obtain the permit?
3. Can I start the work without first obtaining a construction permit?
4. How long does it take to get a permit?
5. As a homeowner, which portion of the work can I do myself?
6. What requires a construction permit?