Clean Communities

What is Rockaway Township Clean Communities?
Help Keep Our Community Clean!
Rockaway Township’s Clean Communities program is part of a statewide strategy to prevent the accumulation of litter on roadways, beaches, waterways, parks and recreational areas. The Clean Communities grant mandates a three-facet approach to litter control - enforcement, community clean up and education.

Group Participation
Rockaway Township satisfies its requirement for clean up by sponsoring two “Public Clean Community Days” each year, which are held in the spring and fall. The Township encourages participation from Boy Scout and Girl Scout troops, civic groups, volunteer organizations, church groups, residents and businesses. Mini grants are available to groups and organizations that continually help to clean up public properties.

Public Clean Community Days
The Public Clean Community Days are scheduled on a Saturday, and all participants meet at a central location in the Township. Refreshments are served and litter bags, gloves and promotional items are provided to all who participate. Clean-up assignments are provided according to the volunteer’s age and the safety of the area to be cleaned. Residents may check the Township’s website and local newspapers for information regarding the clean-up days, or may call the Division of Health at 973-983-2848.

The Clean Communities program also enables the Township’s 6 schools to sponsor pre-approved educational programs, which provide students with awareness regarding the effects of litter on our environment.

Please consider volunteering for the next Public Clean Community Day. Let’s work together and keep Rockaway Township beautiful!